#5 — Isha Singh (Transformation Coach & Change Management Leader) From art to advisory

Isha is a Transformation and Change Management Coach with extensive experience in introducing change and driving adoption with people. She is skilled at structured design and implementation of large-scale complex change initiatives while focusing on a smooth transition from the current state to the target state by providing thought leadership, coaching and training. Outside of work, she is a loving daughter, mom and wife who enjoys spending time with her family. She likes to meditate and focus on holistic health in her quiet time.

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(00:00) Galaxies and spirituality
(10:57) How do we know each other
(14:50) Memories and lessons learned from college
(19:32) Boeing 777 campaign story
(24:03) Isha’s current role as a transformation coach
(25:10) Understanding macro and micro, connecting strategy with initiatives
(28:22) How and when do transformation coaches get involved
(32:26) How to get buy-in at the leadership level
(38:46) Understanding and knowing incentives that drive behaviour
(43:16) Advice on how to navigate a dysfunctional organization
(59:12) High five diffusion in management consulting
(01:02:12) Cognitive empathy, speaking in grade eight language and asking stupid questions
(01:17:10) Isha’s backstory, early years and influences
(01:33:12) Radical candour, self-awareness and cultural differences
(01:51:57) Who moved my cheese
(02:04:04) Learning zone and growth mindset
(02:05:02) How coaches and SMEs help leadership navigate a dysfunctional org
(02:13:30) Tactical steps leadership can take to address dysfunction and get alignment
(02:23:29) 3001 questions all about me
(02:24:46) Final words and close