#3 — Nicole Murphy (Growth Consultant, Ex-Marketing Exec): From a small town to Tall Size, role of coaching & finding your voice

Nicole is a former Marketing Executive turned Founder, Marketing Consultant & Business Coach. Nicole rapidly grew her corporate career in just eight years, from earning $55k as a Marketing Specialist in 2013 to earning $240k as a VP of Growth in 2021.

In addition to consulting, Nicole is also a Mentor in a few Toronto Accelerator Programs, where she coaches a variety of early-stage start-ups on how to grow their businesses.

When Nicole isn’t working with clients, she is building her own e-commerce company, Tall Size — the first-ever online shopping platform for tall women. As a tall woman, she was sick and tired of how hard it was to find clothes that fit her body, so she set out to solve the problem herself.

Nicole’s sole mission in life is to empower 1 million women to step into their most confident and comfortable selves in both business and in life, and she will not stop until she does.


Host, Paul Syng:

Guest, Nicole Murphy:


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(00:00) How we know each other

(03:00) Who is Nicole Murphy (Founder & Coach)

(05:25) What is Tall Size

(08:32) Growing up in a small town

(13:13) Influence of family

(16:33) Being the tall one out from an early age

(20:00) Finding her superpower and community

(27:00) Funny dating stories of a tall girl (advice for men)

(34:09) Moving to the big city

(39:49) Getting hired at (Lesson on how to apply for a job)

(49:22) What kind of company you should apply for fresh out of school

(57:40) Role email marketing played in Nicole’s career

(01:06:52) Obvious things that hold people back in their career

(01:08:48) What it was like to become an executive

(01:13:13) Leading vs managing the work

(01:24:05) Individual contributors vs managers (Org incentive structure)

(01:31:58) Leaving the executive role and microdosing

(01:44:26) Starting to live life for yourself and closing the first deal

(01:56:23) How to show up to client meetings and getting them to open up

(02:09:35) Being curious and coach-like (and also hiring her first coach)

(02:19:13) Finding her voice and not being obsessed with metrics

(02:30:05) What’s better than having a website when starting out on your own

(02:32:49) Becoming a coach and coaching other women

(02:40:52) Starting and building Tall Size

(02:46:32) How to find your customers and build an email list

(02:57:47) What’s next for Tall Size

(03:02:54) Paul summarizes Nicole’s story

(03:06:20) Closing remarks by Nicole