#2 — Karan Puri (Sr. Product Manager at TD): From selling media to Product Management & Innovation

Karan is a Sr. Product Manager (External Ecosystem group) at TD Bank with a focus on Digital Identity. He is an Ex Management Consultant who has spent the last 10 years in Banking in Canada with exposure to Mid-Market Lending, Personal Banking, Product Management and Innovation.


Host, Paul Syng:

Guest, Karan Puri:  


Spotify, Apple, Anchor & more:


(00:00) Karan’s backstory (India)

(09:40) Dreams of becoming a fighter jet pilot

(13:00) Suiting up, long walks, reading books and mental health

(19:45) First interview and introduction to media planning

(22:50) Client presentation and being coached by inspirational leaders

(28:53) Work culture, making mistakes and feeling safe

(36:51) Being a generalist and following your curiosity

(39:09) Lacoste shocker and Nielsen data (inside joke)

(48:20) People don’t know what they want

(51:49) Being a visible minority in India and Canada

(57:02) Building resilience and work-life balance

(01:05:51) Leaders vs managers (vision and focus on outcomes)

(01:08:05) Radical candour and giving feedback (India vs Canada)

(01:16:35) Working at the bank (the first 6 years)

(01:37:53) Present role at the bank (External Ecosystems group)

(01:45:20) Key learnings (marketing, product mindset, business case)

(01:52:00) Digital identity, fintech and bringing perspective

(02:02:20) Important lessons and cultural differences (India to Canada)