#1 — Shwetank Dixit (Ex-VP at eyeo | Ex-Opera): Startups, Communication & Product-Led Growth

Shwetank Dixit has broad experience in product management, technology strategy (including AI strategy), corporate innovation, engineering management, program management, developer relations, technology evangelism, web standards, browser extensions, technical documentation, and conference organization and public speaking. He often acts as a bridge between the pure tech and business realms.


Paul Syng:

Shwetank Dixit: 

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00:00 How we know each other

02:28 Shwetank on how he got started

03:48 How Shwetank got hired by Opera

08:02 Schools, markers of success and making mistakes

11:59 Building a search engine for academic content

13:00 The role of the education system and pursuing your curiosity

14:18 From shy introvert to a public speaker (contrarian view)

22:05 What does a web evangelist do?

26:30 Lesson on reaching out to people on Linkedin (building relationships)

29:10 Humans are suspicious of salesy behaviour

33:30 First stint as a product manager (working on Opera extensions platform)

37:16 Browser extensions, platform monopoly and the risks

39:48 Parallels between product and service-based companies (bringing features or people in-house)

42:16 Role of distribution and client buying decisions

45:52 Sales-led model vs Product-led growth (PLG)

52:20 Future of sales: PLG coupled with sales

56:00 The role of communication in becoming a leader and bridge

01:01:07 Difference between an engineer and senior engineer